Prof. Werner Mohl, MD, PhD

Werner Mohl is the founder of Angel Valve, with more than 40 years of experience in research, patient care and medical education in the cardiovascular field.  He is an inventor and co-inventor of many medtech patents along with the PICSO concept, founding Miracor Medical.  The idea and development of the transcatheter mitral valve repair system, Mitral Butterfly®, is based on his longstanding experience in surgical mitral valve repair.

Martin Baumgartner

Martin Baumgartner joined AVVie 2019 as Managing Director. He holds an MSc in Telecommunication and Biomedical Engineering and completed his post-graduate trainings at the London Business School. Previous to AVVie he was Managing Director of the Vienna Reading Center at the Medical University of Vienna. Furthermore, he has extensive management and startup experience in the telecommunication industry.

Johanna Ticar

Johanna Ticar joined AVVie in 2017 as the first team member.  She is facilitating the development projects of the Angel Valve product line.  She was previously an R&D engineer at Xeltis in Eindhoven, the Netherlands and has work experience with Siemens Healthcare.  She holds an MSc in Biomedical Engineering from Graz University of Technology and an MSc in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine from UAS Vienna and has extensive international background.


PTFE has been established as a medical device material in the cardiovascular sector for many years.

PROFILEN® PTFE yarns from Lenzing Plastics (Lenzing, Austria) have been used by leading manufacturers of artificial heart valves for production.


LifeTec Group (Eindhoven, The Netherlands) aims to test cardiovascular products via performance assessment in a functional tissue environment, including physiological pressure and flow. LifeTec Group’s cardiac platforms have proven to be an ideal solution for preclinical testing.