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AVVie is dedicated to the development of proprietary minimally invasive treatment options for mitral valve repair.  With the current lead product, the Mitral Butterfly implant, we focus on the development of a highly sophisticated intervention to treat mitral regurgitation caused by prolapse, a condition that affects 2-3% of the world’s population.

The Austrian based start-up, founded by Prof. Werner Mohl, is a spinoff from the Medical University of Vienna. Prof. Mohl is an academic surgeon, who has been working in research, patient care and medical education for 40 years.  He has longstanding experience in surgical repair of the mitral valve and is the inventor of the artificial papillary muscle

concept. The development of the Mitral Butterfly was started by Prof. Mohl with the PRIZE program, a prototype developing program of the AWS (Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH).  During this  phase,  the primary concept was further developed  to better meet the medical needs.

AVVie’s core team consists of engineers and executives with multiple years of experience in the cardiovascular medical device industry.  The start-up is supported by a group of international partners who are proficient in the fields of intravascular devices, material technology and regulatory affairs.