Prof. Werner Mohl

Werner Mohl is the founder of the project and has more than 40 years of experience in research, patient care, and medical education, especially in the cardiovascular field. He is inventor and co-inventor of a multitude of medtech patents and serial entrepreneur founding Miracormedical, a company treating acute and chronic myocardial jeopardy. The initial concept and development of the transcatheter mitral valve repair system ‘Mitral Butterfly’ is based on Mohl’s longstanding experience in surgical repair of the mitral valve.


Johanna Ticar

Johanna Ticar joined Angel Valve in 2017. Ticar is contributing to the development of Mitral Butterfly. She was previously R&D engineer at Xeltis, a start-up company in Eindhoven. Ticar holds a MSc in Biomedical Engineering from Graz University of Technology and a MSc in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine from UAS Vienna.

Olga Górna

Olga Górna joined Angel Valve in 2018. She graduated from Gdansk University of Technology in Poland and holds
a MSE in Mechanical Engineering and Medical Engineering. Previously she was doing research for Hansaton company from Hamburg.
She also contributed to a medical device project realised for the European Institute for Oto-Rhino-Laryngology in Antwerp, Belgium.

Arpad Bakonyi

Arpad Bakonyi joined Angel Valve in 2017 as a graduating Master Student in Biomedical Engineering at the Vienna University of Technology. Enthusiastic in the fields of biomaterials and biomechanics, he supports the product development of Mitral Butterfly. Bakonyi worked previously as a CRA and in product management. He also pursues his second MSc in International Engineering and Business at the UAS Vienna.


As a turnkey OEM supplier, BMT, located in Wessling/Germany, offers expertise and know how in the design, development and manufacturing of various types of catheters since more than 20 years including services of product and process development, feasibility studies and regulatory affairs for receiving product approval.

Examples for current internal development projects are the Needle Injection Catheter (NIC) which is a percutaneous device and intended for the injection of agents into the myocardium as well as the Transseptal Puncture Device (TSP) which is an enabling technology that allows a safe, accurate, and controlled transseptal puncture from the right atrium to provide left atrial access.

“Turn good ideas into great medical solutions

The path to results often requires a pragmatic approach. At the same time LifeTec Group is aware of the issues leading up to your research question and of all the things that must be looked into during and after the study, for example certification.     

LifeTec Group (Eindhoven, The Netherlands) always aims at testing existing and new products in the most relevant way. For cardiological and surgical products for the heart this means assessing their performance in a moving, true tissue morphology environment that has physiological pressures and flows and the means to visually monitor the product’s functionality. LifeTec Group’s heart platforms have provided this environment for the Angel Valve project”.